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Company´s Philosophy

We see people as the centre of corporate organisations, as entrepreneurs, co-workers, customers, competitors.

We see the company in a dynamic process instead of in one static situation.

When we speak about development, we mean:

      • Want to understand
      • Win trust
      • Establish relations
      • Change
      • Act in anticipation

As a team, we want to surmount internal and external obstacles.

A continuous team work and communication inside the firm shall deepen the intensity of the "WE" feeling.

No selfish individualism. We bring our know-how in your company, so that it stays on it.

At the same time, we aim to achieve with this transfer:

      • Higher motivation on solving existing problems
      • Increased efficiency of the administrative challenges and needs
      • Rise of your quality of service together with your innovation grade.

We are ready to make dreams to become true.



Our tasks are specially oriented to company's development on the following areas:

      • Information and communication technology
      • Multimedia and E-Commerce
      • Life Science, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics
      • Environment Technology
      • Retail industry, Hotel business and Gastronomy
      • Logistics
      • Leisure industry, Fitness, Wellness, Tourism

Our broad know-how is integrated along the project through interdisciplinary co-operation and colleagues' team work, who own different and specialised backgrounds. In the same way as in the firm's growing stage, we get support on our activities from colleagues from other branches, on concrete matters, like taxes, accountability, law, etc.


Contact person
    Sylvia Maria von Stieglitz


Business administration at University in Augsburg and University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim
Banking and Credit Theory, Finance, Taxation, Economic Law

English: fluent writing and speaking (Proficiency)
French : fluent writing and speaking
Arabic: basic
Spanish: basic

Professional Experience:

  • Founder, Owner and Manager Von Stieglitz Unternehmensentwicklung GmbH (Business Development)
  • Managing Director Agency for local marketing
  • Egypt: Mid-Term-Expert in the project on Foreign Direct Investment and Investment-promotion co financed by the EU
  • Several assignments in Berlin, Potsdam, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania for InterReg 3C: TEICO Net (Technology, Enterprises, Innovation, Cooperation) Network Project on Investment Promotion co financed by the EU in Poland, Latvia and Lithuania
  • Employee in an Agency for International Economic and Scientific Cooperation
  • Senior Expert in conceptual planning and capacity building workshops for staff from Russian IPA`s and municipalities co financed by TRANSFORM Program:
  • Senior Expert on capacity building for managers from Russian small and medium sized enterprises
  • Business development of small and medium sized enterprises
  • Finance and property consultant
  • Co-worker in the property consulting department of a private bank
  • Real estate agent
  • Co-worker in the Stuttgart-Hohenheim University on scientific field


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