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The marketing field consists on the systematic orientation of the firm's activities and way of thinking to the market context.

In the same way, it's important not only to recognise the demand potential of the market, but also to promote the company focusing in the target-group. A right perspective of the sales' market and a precise definition of the market segment along with the separation of the target groups in subgroups, has to be assured.

Only when the product/service has a market potential among the correct targeted groups, can we expect the company's success. It is often made clear during speeches with firms, that a correction, by joining or eliminating delimitation criteria in the defined target groups, can simplify the promotion. At the same time, the company has to quickly react to any modification and variation in the targeted group, in order to adapt to the new environment.

Structural and conjuncture adaptation processes force the entrepreneur not only to react, but to act in a specific way. Decision readiness and capacity are often requested.

Following means are formulated as the strategic content of marketing in order to implement the company's strategy:

Marketing concept:

  • Market research: Where are we and our concurrence?
  • Market investigation: target group analysis, key account managers, customer's inquiries, market potential, benchmarking
  • Recognition of market niches
  • Forecast market growth and market share

Managing market instruments in order to achieve the objectives:

  • Price and conditions politic: prices and discounts, distribution and payment conditions
  • Product and portfolio politic: product's quality and customer's satisfaction
  • Distribution politic: sales, sales' channels
  • Communication politic: promotion, public relations
  • Services

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