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Preparation of the current figures and factual information from your company as the basis for the strategic analysis of the starting situation.

Weaknesses-Strengths Analysis

- Proof of the settlement idea/innovation under realism/plausibility and success   perspectives
- Market analysis
- Risk analysis and critical success factors

Formulation of main competencies

- Which know-how do entrepreneurs have in the technical/sales field
- Concentration on the core activity of the company
- Identification of the essential and current competitive advantages


- Conceive a list of objectives
- Consider the company's objectives alongside its core competence/innovation
- Set up of main and secondary objectives
- Establishment of objectives according to their hierarchical priorities
- Proof-out of the achievement of the formerly established objectives in connection   with controlling

Corporate Identity (CI)

Corporate identity is the strategically planned operative self representation and communication to the inside and outside of the organisation, based on an immutable image, which stands over:

- Company's philosophy
- Company's personality
- Company's communication
- Company's objectives
- Core competencies
- Optimisation of processes/restructure/sales' instruments

Corporate identity must reflect the ideas, creativity, potential and the company's style. The establishment of a visual image (Corporate Design CD), which can be transmitted to the outside of the firm, like a logo, building colour, typography, are only a part of what we understand by corporate identity.

The most important element of the corporate design is the firm's symbol (logo) which, as a promotion constant, holds a high level of attention in itself, when recognised.

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